Need the easiest way to learn guitar?

Learning guitar can seem impossible. So many strings and frets and chord combinations and on and on and on. The list doesn't seem to end. This idea alone has intimidated MILLIONS of people from living out their dreams of learning guitar. 

We couldn't let that be the case anymore. 

Too many people look back at their lives with the regrets of not doing the things they truly wanted to do.

When it comes to guitar, there are almost more motivators to stop you from practicing than to encourage you. It can be a mess out there when it comes to learning on your own. We need encouragement not confusion.

Maybe you don't want to learn all the theory right away. Maybe you just want to be able to sound good right out of the gate. Maybe you just want to do covers, live performances, church gigs, campfire songs, dive bar solo shows, you name it. You just want to sound good NOW.

For a long time, guitarists have believed that is not possible. But when your perspective gets flipped, you can't unsee the truth: we've been lied to about how we should learn the guitar. Standard tuning is NOT the only way. You don't have to suffer.

We have developed a 30-Minute system around a tuning method that has been disregarded for years. It's not a system to turn you into a shredding god overnight. It's for those who want to play the most popular songs with as little effort as possible. 

After the 30-Minute system we developed FULL comprehensive courses for acoustic and electric guitar that include everything from the tuning pegs down to the strap buttons and even further down to your pedal board.

Once you've gone through our courses, our members area offers you easy-to-navigate weekly challenges that will take you even further into the skills you want to achieve. 

We set out on a mission to create the highest quality guitar learning content on the internet, and we set out to do it at 1/4 the cost of traditional lessons.

We also made it our goal to solve all of the logistical problems that come with private or online lessons. Check out our solutions below:

We were tired of students feeling the inferiority that comes with learning from a private instructor, which is why we put the emphasis on practice from the comfort of your own home.


We were tired of people learning things they don't need to in order to see the results they want.

We were tired of people with amazing potential quitting because learning was too boring. 

We set out to change ALL that. We believe that if you have the roadmap, you can achieve your dreams of playing guitar. Check out some of what we have to offer below:

You have the ability to play guitar inside of you; we just give you the tools you need to succeed! We'll support you all the way to your goals, and when you've reached them, we'll be there to congratulate you. Join our membership below today!

Meet Your Instructors

Omar Ruiz

23 Years of Experience

I've taught all ages from 3-70, and I've been keeping track of what works and what doesn't. This is the culmination of 23 years worth of knowledge condensed down into the most beneficial and thorough course the internet has to offer. I'm so excited to partner with you to give you the tools you need to succeed.


  • Music Teacher

  • Band Director

  • Nationwide Touring

  • Recording

  • Electric Guitar

  • Acoustic Guitar

Zero Moreno

13 Years of Experience

It's been an interesting decade+ of music experience. Everything from Cannibal Corpse to Sublime. From Korn to Hillsong. I've played solo, with bands, festivals, church gigs, and coffee shop shows. I know how hard it can be to keep an audience's attention with just an Acoustic Guitar. I'm really looking forward to giving you all the knowledge I've gained over the last 13 years. Everything from tunings to tone to atmosphere to some special pedals you shouldn't go without as an acoustic player.


  • Music Director

  • Music Teacher

  • Electric Guitarist

  • Acoustic Guitarist

  • Pickup-N-Play Designer

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