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We help beginners pick up & play.


We can teach you in just 30 MINUTES!

Guitar Lessons


Pickup-n- Play

Pickup-N-Play was formed with the mission to make online guitar lessons accessible without worrying about scheduling, awkward introductions to instructors, laggy video calls, or paying a fortune to meet with someone for 30 minutes.

Our members content is high quality, done at your own pace, full of tutorials for all levels, and only 1/4 the cost of traditional private lessons.  


Pickup-N-Play Accelerator 

Learn how to play guitar in just 30 minutes with our exclusive teaching methods and resources!

Weekly Challenges

Tired of wondering which exercises to run every week? We'll give you the roadmap!



We have a contest at the end of every month for you to apply your new skills!

Members-Only Resources

Take advantage of the internet's greatest resource library that is growing every week!

meet your instructors

Creativity Encouraged

Apply your knowledge how YOU want to. We provide backing tracks for maximum creativity.

Encouraging Community

Find your tribe in our members community. We support the common goal of progression.

Charts & Exercises

Don't do the same exercises your whole life. Get your hands on exclusive warm ups and training!

Submit for Feedback

Send us your practice videos and we'll share what we'd do to improve your sound!

Omar Ruiz

With 23 years of music, performance, and teaching experience, Omar knows his way around an electric guitar. From touring around the country, to playing dive bar shows, Omar has built an extensive repertoire of skills and knowledge. In his course you'll cover everything you need to know about electric guitar from the strings down to the pedals. 

Zero Moreno

Over the course of my 13 year musical journey, I've been apart of everything from punk shows to church gigs. I'll show you EVERYTHING I've learned from installing new strings, to tuning tricks that will make you sound like a pro instantly. My course comes with beautifully designed companion material that is yours to keep for LIFE.

Learning paths

Acoustic GUitar Lessons.jpg

Acoustic Path

Everything you'll need to learn about acoustic guitar, accompanied by amazing guides to help you practice. Includes weekly song lessons!

Learning New Chords.jpg


Need to know how to play guitar in the next 30 minutes? We'll teach you the ONLY things you need to learn to show off your skills instantly!

Learn Guitar INSTANTLY.jpg

Electric Path

Take your electric playing to the next level with the best guitar & effects tutorials you've ever seen. This course was designed for players at any level.

"We will put some testimonials here when we get them"

Zero Moreno

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We created Pickup-N-Play with the intention to help aspiring musicians reach their goals faster than ever. That's why we offer a 14 day money back guarantee. If you feel unsatisfied for ANY reason, reach out, let us know why and we'll refund you 100% of your purchase price.